Success in sales and locali­sation of value creation

The changing geo­political situation, supply chain issues related to the Covid-19 pande­mic and emerging protec­tionism are putting pressure on the companies’ classic export model. The new reality can best be gauged in defence and aero­space markets, where govern­ment clients include added value, offset and the develop­ment of local skills as an important criterion in the decision to purchase.

We work with our clients to develop a sales strategy custo­mised to their unique situation. Particu­larly in complex system bids, the correct bid strategy, profes­sional imple­menta­tion of customer require­ments and the right network increase your chances of winning.

We use our expe­rience to assist our clients from the aero­space and defence industry with preparing complex system bids.

Our Services

  • Revision of sales strategy
  • Adapting sales structure and sales organisation
  • Implementation of compliance measures in the sales process and with sales intermediaries
  • Increase efficiency in the bid preparation process
  • Support in complex system bids

Project Example


When implementing projects, an international technology corporation repeatedly encounters project margin erosion, which can usually be traced back to problems and mistakes in the bid preparation phase.


  • Revision of the bid preparation processes, bid organisation and the bid approval process
  • Introduction of a maturity model, specification of minimum requirements and points of intersection
  • Increased level of detail and planning quality for recurring weaknesses, such as time schedules, risks
  • Introduction of new KPI in variable compensation


Significant increase in profitability of incoming orders.

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Dr. Mike Körner