Consulting Focus

Growth in a new reality

Post-Covid, commer­cial aviation is recove­ring fast. Nevertheless, the environ­ment remains volatile and is slowed down by sus­tained geo­politi­cal changes. Due to missing com­ponents, material shor­tages, rising energy costs as well as sanc­tions lists, the supply chain comes to the fore with respect to security of supply and economic efficiency. Suppliers are also coming under strong pressure. However, the long-term effects of geo­political dynamics in the key industry of aviation require a reassess­ment of growth fore­casts as well as of policies regar­ding techno­logy, location, and invest­ment. At the same time, the industry is charac­terised by a greater focus on the issue of sus­taina­bility as well as on new appli­ca­tions such as air taxis.

Military aviation benefits pro­found­ly from geo­political changes. Delayed political decisions such as armed drones or Tornado succes­sion are being made and trigger a push of pro­cure­ments and new military develop­ments. In the short term, the focus is on the availa­bility of the systems intro­duced, where­by new forms of coope­ration between industry and the German armed forces are required.

We support our clients from the military and commer­cial aviation industry with adapting their proces­ses and struc­tures to the new post-covid and geo­political situa­tion as well as with identi­fying and reali­zing growth oppor­tunities.

Our Services

  • Scenario analysis based on new realities and volatilities
  • Supply chain risk manage­ment
  • Revision of your corporate stra­tegy based on the new develop­ments of techno­logy, market, and compe­tition
  • Speed up develop­ment processes
  • Speed up pro­gramme execution or pro­duction ramp-up
  • Increase availability of systems (supply chain optimi­sation, per­formance-based contracting)
  • Profes­sionali­sation of the service business

Project Example


A leading European aerospace company experiences problems in its aircraft maintenance operations (MRO). There is a mix of process deficiencies, customer dependencies, missing parts, unexpected technical problems as well as difficulties in the supply chain. Deliveries are significantly behind schedule while the end customer is dissatisfied and threatens to impose severe consequences.


  • Analysis of MRO problems, dependencies in the process chain, and spare parts problems
  • Linking cause-effect relationships
  • Analysis of risks & opportunities
  • Systematic elaboration of improvement measures
  • Prioritisation of measures
  • Establishment of a continuous quantitative target / actual deviation analysis
  • Definition of responsibilities


The measures developed led to a halving of the MRO lead time. The project received a Group Excellence Award, and the end customer calls the programme a success story.

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Dr. Mike Körner