Consulting Focus

Disruption, speed and growth

The funda­mental transformation of the space industry began a few years ago in the USA under the banner of New Space and continues to accele­rate. It is charac­terised by small satellites, mega-constel­lations as well as by new small and large launch systems and a multitude of private investors. The number of relevant companies is becoming increa­singly con­fusingly complex, new players capture market share and revo­lutionise large parts of the industry at breath-taking speed. Mega-constel­lations are gradually becoming reality and, with their low-cost small and micro satellites, dominate the LEO orbit in terms of unit numbers, but only have a small share of the overall market. Their business models and approaches vary in several aspects: low-cost series production with COTS components, degree of vertical inte­gration as well as net­work, scale and lock-in effects. In the meantime, tradi­tional satellite manu­facturers have responded to the chal­lenges of the New Space and offer an innovative (GEO-) product portfolio, for instance with digital, flexible payloads and high data rates. Thus, they have been able to maintain their larger market share.

Governments, public autho­rities, and space agencies remain the dominant customer group in the space industry in terms of market size. Military customers focus on military satel­lite communi­cations, SSA program­mes, and Earth obser­vation. Modern societies rely on space applica­tions for communi­cations, navi­gation, and Earth obser­vation. Therefore, the security and resilience of space infra­structure plays an increa­sing role as space becomes a rising military opera­tional domain.

We help our commercial and military clients to stay on top of the game and support them in shaping techno­logical change as well as in alig­ning their proces­ses and organi­sation to achieve their strategic goals.

Our Services

  • Support with the evalu­ation and pro­cure­ment of tech­nical systems
  • Market and compe­titive analysis, benchmarking, business case develop­ment
  • Sharpening and imple­men­tation of a space strategy
  • Integration of new techno­logies, expansion of the product port­folio, and develop­ment of new compe­tencies
  • Orches­tration and support of the necessary adjust­ments in processes, organi­sation, and structures

Project Example


A component manufacturer of the defence industry wants to realise additional growth by expanding its product portfolio in the space sector. In preparation for these activities, the client would like to define a promising market entry strategy.


  • Definition of the relevant market through segmentation and division of the value chain.
  • Execution of a market and competition analysis
  • Analysis of market entry barriers (legal, technical, and financial)
  • Prioritisation of projects, products, and partners
  • Creation of a business case


The business case has objectified, validated, and concretised the planned course of action. The client successfully implements the recommended market entry strategy.

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