Align towards growth

After a long process of shrinking, growing budgets mean most defence companies can shift up a gear!

Are all lights green? No, there are many challenges: restrictions on export approval, compliance issues, innovation and investment backlog, recruitment problems, image problems, lack of skills in new technologies in particular in the cyber sector, dissatisfied clients, new competitors, Europeanisation of the industry including politically-motivated sector consolidation.

We can help you align your organisation towards growth and address your challenges.

Our Services

  • Review of corporate strategy and implementation support
  • Implementation of an innovation strategy and increase in efficiency of development processes
  • Adapting sales structure and sales organisation, bid preparation processes
  • Increasing efficiency in programme implementation
  • Development of an efficient compliance organisation with processes and policies

Project Example


A high-tech component supplier in the defence industry has no growth opportunities with its product portfolio in the medium-term. The challenge is to develop new growth potential on the basis of core competencies and to successfully offer new products for new applications.


  • Assessment of core skills and existing product portfolio
  • Launching a company-wide innovation competition, from idea to business case
  • Focusing R&D and sales activities on promising prototypes/applications
  • Approaching potential clients and early involvement of lead clients


Successful diversification allows two new product areas to be successfully established in the market, which now generate 10-15 % of company turnover.

Your Contact Person

Dr. Mike Körner