Consulting Focus

Speed and Innovation

The rapid geopolitical changes as well as the rivalry between the major powers impose time-critical challenges for armed forces and the industry:

In the short term, the focus is on increasing and strengthening conventional capabilities, rapid material inflow, overcoming bottlenecks in supply chains and ramping up procurement programmes.

At the same time, a long-term technological catch-up process has begun with new technologies and the development of innovative systems to ensure military superiority and deterrence. Megatrends such as digitalisation, automation, and unmanned systems play an increasingly important role. New technologies from other sectors such as machine learning, big data, social media / OSINT but also purely military developments offer opportunities for disruptive solutions, for instance in the field of hypersonics.

We assist our clients from military land, aircraft, and naval systems to speed up their processes as well as organizations and to define an innovation strategy.

Our Services

  • Sharpening and implementing a strategy for innovation and growth
  • Integration of new technologies, expansion of the product portfolio, and development of new competencies
  • Orchestrating and accompanying the necessary adjustments in processes, organisation, and structures
  • Optimisation in the ramp-up and execution of military programmes
  • Increasing system availability through best practices, supply chain concepts, and new contract as well as cooperation models
  • Increasing efficiency in the development processes

Project Example


A high-tech component supplier in the defence industry is confronted with aggressive, international competitors as well as a disruptive change in technology. In the short and medium term, there is still sufficient market potential for the existing products. The challenge is to gradually orchestrate the realignment of the product portfolio, the competencies, and the necessary processes.


  • Recording the starting position for products, technologies, and capabilities
  • Determination of the innovation strategy
  • Creation of the technology roadmap
  • Definition of the future competence profile
  • Need to adapt organisation / processes in the fields of market sensing, development, and product management


Thanks to the holistic innovation strategy and the integration of new cooperation partners, the first technological innovations were successfully established in the market.

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