Digital Trans­formation

Business pro­cesses which meet the challenges of digita­lisation

Digitalisation is a megatrend that no company can ignore. Digitalisation leads to an increasing speed of change, which in turn usually requires an adjustment of existing business processes and structures.

Furthermore, new competitors emerge with innovative and sometimes fully digital business models which shape customer expectations.

We support our clients from the aero­space and defence sector in pre­paring their com­panies for these challenges. Our team boasts com­prehensive practical imple­menta­tion know-how and expe­rience, so you can rest assured that the solutions that we develop in cooperation with you are effective.

Our services

  • Development of a digitalisation strategy
  • Process mining (assessment of process mining readiness, identification of use cases, implementation, user trainings)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and backend automation
  • Preparation of and implementation support during SAP S/4HANA migrations

Project example


Many organizations introduce Shared Services to bundle their internal services and support functions and thus increase cost efficiency. A high degree of standardization is a prerequisite for realizing economies of scale.


Implementation of Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) raises transparency and standardization to new levels and allows for automation or robotization of repetitive tasks.


Elimination of manual, repetitive tasks leads to faster process throughput times, better process compliance and ultimately cost savings.

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Dr. Mike Körner