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Growth through innovation – Creating efficient development processes

Technological changes such as digitisation, networking, assistance systems or virtualisation all drive innovation. It is important for companies not only to develop technical capabilities, but also to bring about the right impulses for change by decentralising structures and engendering a culture of innovation.

We can help you devise and implement a holistic innovation strategy. The development process in many companies still has weaknesses which we work with our clients to improve, such as high complexity or lack of skills.

Our Services

  • Implementation of an innovation strategy through exchange platforms, adapted structures, re-vitalising entrepreneurship
  • Increased efficiency in development processes from idea to product (business plans, maturity milestones, risk management, project control)
  • Optimisation of external (customers, suppliers) and internal cross-functional interfaces in the development process
  • Professionalisation of skills management (transparency of actual and target critical skills, use of personnel management instruments)
  • Analysis of existing product portfolios (strengths/weaknesses, gaps)

Project Example


A European supplier of satellite communications has problems with market-oriented management of its development projects.


  • Assessment of future products and their development maturity
  • Preparation of market and competition analyses
  • Support in preparation of business plans
  • Analysis of obstacles to commercialisation, in particular business model and payment
  • Revision of product strategy


Market orientation of development processes, resulting in a higher success rate in new developments

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Dr. Martin Kraus