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Growth through innovation – Creating efficient development processes

Techno­logical changes such as digi­tisation, net­working, assistance systems or virtuali­sation all drive inno­vation. It is impor­tant for companies not only to develop tech­nical capabi­lities, but also to bring about the right impulses for change by decentra­lising structures and engen­dering a culture of inno­vation. Acce­le­rating the develop­ment processes, imple­menting the use of new techno­logies and agile methods, especially in a regulated en­viron­­ment, poses challenges for many of our clients in aero­space and defence.

We help our clients from the aero­space and defence sector to devise and imple­ment a holistic inno­vation strategy.

Our Services

  • Implemen­tation of an inno­vation strategy through exchange plat­forms, adapted struc­tures, re-vitali­sing entre­preneur­ship
  • Increased efficiency in develop­ment processes from idea to product (business plans, maturity mile­stones, hybrid develop­ment model, risk manage­ment, project control)
  • Optimisation of external (customers, suppliers) and internal cross-functional inter­faces in the develop­ment process
  • Professionali­sation of skills manage­ment (trans­parency of actual and target critical skills, use of personnel manage­ment instru­ments)
  • Analysis of existing product port­folios (strengths/weaknesses, gaps)

Project Example


A European supplier of satellite communications has problems with market-oriented management of its development projects.


  • Assessment of future products and their development maturity
  • Preparation of market and competition analyses
  • Support in preparation of business plans
  • Analysis of obstacles to commercialisation, in particular business model and payment
  • Revision of product strategy


Market orientation of development processes, resulting in a higher success rate in new developments

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Dr. Mike Körner