Corporate Strategy

Determine long-term strategies to secure your success in the future

For most companies, the environment is characterised by technological upheaval, intense competition, a rapidly changing market and framework conditions, as well as changes in business model.

Long-term strategies and fast changes in the environment are not contradictory against this backdrop. “Navigating by sight” must not come at the expense of “forward planning and long-term action”. The right strategy and transformation determine your success in the future.

We will help you identify the right levers to make this happen and best utilise your value chain, structure and skills for the future.

Our Services

  • Strategy review based on technology, market and competitive development
  • Functional strategies (R&D, sales and programme management & support processes)
  • Revision of Strategic and Operative Planning
  • Strategic Portfolio Analysis (business units, resources/capabilities, industrial structure)
  • Strategy Implementation Support
  • M&A strategy (M&A targets, target screening, acquisition process, integration, divestments)

Project Example


A leading manufacturer of machine controls wants to market internet-based services for its machine controls


  • Review of business model and commercialisation strategy
  • Identification of potential benefits / how much the end customer is willing to pay
  • Analysis of obstacles to commercialisation (business model, billing & payment, security)
  • Revision of product strategy


Realignment of business, product and sales strategy. Focused investment in innovative services.

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Daniel T. Salzer