Corporate Strategy

Determine long-term strategies to secure your success in the future

For most com­panies in the aero­space and defence sector, the environ­ment is charac­terized by techno­logi­cal trans­for­mations, new com­petitors, rapidly chan­ging market, and general condi­tions, as well as by changes in business models.

Long-term strate­gies and rapid change in the environ­ment are not contra­dictory. “Steering by sight” must not be at the expense of “thinking ahead and acting for the long term”, as the right strategy and the appro­priate trans­for­mation will deter­mine your future success.

We help our clients from the aero­space and defence sector to identify the decisive levers as well as to orches­trate their value chain, structure, and capa­bi­lities for the future.

Our Services

  • Strategy review based on techno­logy, market, and com­peti­tive land­scape develop­ments
  • Functional strategies (processes of inno­vation, R&D, sales, pro­gramme manage­ment)
  • Strategic port­folio analysis (business units, resources / capa­bilities, industrial structure)
  • Strategy implemen­tation support
  • M&A strategy (M&A targets, target screening, acqui­sition process, inte­gration, divest­ments)

Project Example


The business unit of a leading multi­national defence com­pany struggles with heavy depen­dence on an OEM, an out­dated product port­folio, new com­petition, change in core techno­logies, and an inter­nationa­lisation with limited success so far.


  • Sharpening the business unit strategy together with a team from the client
  • Orchestration of a series of work­shops with content-related impulses along the strategic modules: inter­nationa­lisation, short-term port­folio, and medium- & long-term portfolio.
  • Inter­nationa­lisation: analysis of key markets, definition of a market entry strategy including program­mes, products, local partners, and definition of respon­sibilities / budgets
  • Short-term portfolio: revision and priori­ti­sation of business cases
  • Revision of the long-term product and com­petence port­folio
  • Reorgani­sation of core functions to support the realign­ment in the areas of profit centre manage­ment, sales, product manage­ment, and de­velop­ment


Realign­ment of the business unit, product, and sales strategy. Targeted invest­ment in inno­vative products.

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Dr. Mike Körner