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Careers with ACTRANS

Competence, Personality and Passion

We are looking for top graduates with excellent academic credentials and a passion for techno­logy and entre­preneur­ship. Our candidates ideally have experience in the fields of aero­space, defence or manage­ment consul­ting and aspire to develop their career towards manage­ment. As sparring partners for our clients’ top manage­ment, our team members gain the neces­sary expe­rience for this.

Do you place the highest demands on your­self and your own perfor­mance as well as on the team? Do you have excellent analytical and communi­cation skills? Do you enjoy working as part of a team and, at the same time, are you able to derive solutions indepen­dently? Do you want to produce tangible results and under­stand compe­tition as a sporting challenge?

Then we would really like to get to know you better.

Work at ACTRANS is based on three cornerstones

A high level of professionalism

Our clients need to be confident that our recom­menda­tions are made with the highest level of profes­sional expertise. ACTRANS is a boutique consul­tancy for aero­space and defence, and within our industry, we set ourselves apart from the top inter­national consul­ting firms by combining many years of specific industry experience with modern metho­dology and the best candidates of the industry. A good, experience-based “gut feeling” is important, but our analy­tical alter­natives for action are always based on quanti­fiable facts, figures, and data.

Strong customer focus

Our goal is not only to meet our clients’ expec­tations, but to regularly exceed them. This requires a precise under­standing of the client’s situation, but also commit­ment, flexibility, creativity and above all team spirit. We do not follow a top-down approach, where a theoretical and often impractical solution is imposed on a company from the outside in the short term, but we work out a sus­tainable solution together with the client’s team.


Being part of the ACTRANS team requires, on the one hand, an indepen­dent, goal-oriented approach. And, on the other hand, a joint develop­ment of solutions is necessary – both within one’s own team and in close colla­bo­ration with our coope­ration partners and clients. In addition to profes­sional compe­tence, strong communi­cation skills and a team spirit are essential.

The ACTRANS team includes young engineers providing inno­vative impulses as well as managers with several decades of industry expe­rience. Different disciplines are represen­ted within the team, but the unifying element is our passion for techno­logy and inno­vation.

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Dr. Mike Körner