Align towards growth

Profitable growth is essential for sustainable enterprise development.

Organic growth is often based on innovative products that are different from those of the competition.

Growth requires investment, which must usually be offset by savings elsewhere.

In a declining market, the growth required is very difficult to achieve and acquisitions become attractive.

We can help you develop your individual growth strategy and support you with its implementation.

Our Services

  • Development of a growth strategy on the basis of the development of the market and competition, as well as the product portfolio
  • Translation into a functional strategy (particularly R&D, sales, M&A processes)
  • Alignment of the value chain, the business system and resources towards growth
  • Strategy Implementation Support
  • M&A strategy (M&A targets, target screening, acquisition process, integration)

Project Example


A medium-sized producer of packaging machinery has problems with charging and marketing support services. This means the after-sales market share for its own machines is just 30 %.


  • Formalising an after-sales strategy
  • Professionalisation of existing services (documentation of contents and processes)
  • Set up of after-sales distribution, marketing and commercial processes
  • Creation of process-related, organisational and infrastructural conditions for After-Sales business (e.g. profit center)
  • Analysis of machines delivered and service turnover per client/per country and specific service and marketing activities derived from this


With this procedure, it has been possible for the machine manufacturer to significantly increase their after-sales share and the profitable spare parts business for their own machines. Furthermore, valuable insights into competitors have been gained.

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Dr. Mike Körner