Support Functions

Support Functions as Business Partner

Indirect functions are not only associated with overhead costs, but if rightly focused can make a valuable contribution to the implementation of corporate strategy.

The finance function creates the required transparency for management action and can also be the basis for new services and business models.

Media reports concerning the bribery scandals in recent years show that that authorities enforce the existing anti-corruption rules. The Defence, Aerospace and machinery sectors are particularly vulnerable because of the structure of their customer base.

We can help you adapt your sales organisation to  the current requirements and set up an effective compliance organisation.

Our Services

  • Efficiency-oriented review of indirect functions
  • Revision of finance structure (revised control parameters, benchmarking, IT systems and shared service organisation)
  • Introduction of compliance organisations, processes and policies (dealing with business partners and gifts / grants, introduction of whistleblower system, a contract database, implementation of training and anticipative audits and review of sales intermediary structure)
  • Revision of management systems and supporting information systems

Project Example


An international automotive corporation wants to operationalise its strategy across the entire company.


  • Deriving business unit and functional strategies from the company strategy
  • Identification of strategic success factors, prioritisation of measures and establishment of key levers
  • Adjustment of target agreements / compensation systems
  • Measuring implementation using KPIs
  • Results

Consistent adjustment of management and control instruments to implementation and operationalise the strategy

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