Cybersecurity aspects to be considered during design phase

Everybody is talking about cybersecurity. The number of hacker attacks is increasing and the sometimes severe impacts on affected companies and institutions become visible. However, serious incidents are usually an unfortunate concatenation of weak spots: human error, negligence, design flaws.

Whilst cybersecurity mainly deals with technical solutions to safeguard data confidentiality, integrity and availability in case of attack, our consulting focus is on the cyber resilience of civil and military platforms. Most notably, we support you with necessary adjustments of organisation and processes to allow for the introduction of inherent design features to prevent and withstand attacks.

Our services

  • Cybersecurity analysis of existing products
  • Necessary adjustments of organisation and processes to improve cyber resilience
  • Project-related IT security concepts, accreditation by DEUmilSAA, accreditation with BSI specification
  • Support with development of safety targets
  • Development of applicable norms and standards
  • Provision of training courses and coaching

Your Contact Person

Dr. Marco Soijer, Senior Consultant Actrans GmbH

Dr. Marco Soijer

Senior Consultant