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Managing complexity

The aerospace industry is highly consolidated and the relevant market ranges from European to global.

The industry has very different subsegments: civil aviation with its duopoly differs significantly from institutional space research or military aviation. The factors all sectors have in common are very high investment, long development times, the use of technical possibilities to make improvements, high technical complexity and high requirements regarding quality, safety and functionality of products.

Civil aerospace suppliers have the operational challenge to continuously invest in increasing capacity, ramp-up delivery rates and lower costs per unit in-line with OEM expectations.

Our Services

  • Revising your business strategy on the basis of technology, market and competition development
  • Increase efficiency in development processes, from the idea to the product
  • Adapting sales structure and sales organisation
  • Increasing efficiency in programme delivery, production ramp-up and total lifecycle costs
  • Professionalisation of the service business

Project Example


An international aerospace corporation has significant problems in establishing a solid liquidity plan. The operating companies constantly report pessimistic liquidity forecasts leading to unnecessary borrowing costs in the millions.


  • Analysis of the causes and deviations of the operational cash forecasts through interviews
  • Benchmarking of the sector and related industries
  • Identification of best practices and prioritisation of measures for improvement
  • Introduction of 5 top measures in the corporation
  • Communication and training of key stakeholders


The measures significantly increased the priority of this issue. It was possible to significantly reduce the deviations between plans and the actual situation.

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